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We have a similar box ("Craft Central") in our house and I'm really happy that my two 1st graders use it CONSTANTLY.

One day, one of the boys was upset because I wouldn't buy him a Bakugan Launcher (basically a "gun" strapped to the wrist that shoots out little balls that turn into fantasy creatures when they hit a metal card - if you don't watch the associated cartoon, count yourself blessed...)

Instead of having a complete meltdown in the store or later at home, he decided to build one himself! He used a TP roll with tape, paper and yarn to hold it on. Saved me $15 and got his brain motivated to A) get something he wanted and B) not argue with mommy to get it! And when it broke, he fixed it himself instead of throwing it away and expecting me to buy a new one like he would have with the real toy!

The Invention Box ROCKS!

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