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Love the marble jar idea, I think it is a nice concrete way to solve the "overwatching" problem. Thanks for the suggestion.


That is a great idea. Sometimes Corina starts watching TV and she's so quiet that I forget she's watching and all the sudden it's been an hour. I notice after she has watched too much TV she is way more aggressive and emotional. This is a great way to learn how to budget time and marbles!

Melissa Beth

So, I want to know whose jar is on the left, and whose is on the right. Looks like one kid will be doing more cross-stitching in the next few days, and the other has saved up enough TV time for a "Charlie and Lola" marathon! :) Thanks for the suggestion!


You know, Melissa, this brings up a great point. What do you do if you have two kids? Well, actually, both our kids share a jar. The one on the left is the "supply" jar, and the one on the right is how much they've "saved." Our kids always watch TV together, so we didn't give them separate jars. If you wanted to do separate jars, you'd probably have to be ready for a big fight anytime the TV is on and one of them is out of marbles!!

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