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Brilliant. What a great idea! I feel bad because our bookshelf is part of a entertainment center and is up high....so it's really hard for him to pick out a book. This is great. I'm going to have my husband build these right away. Such a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.


Glad you found this idea helpful, Caroline!


This is such a great idea! Our daughter has a loft bed and we were trying to find something that would keep her books accessible while she's in bed. Looks like this would work. Do you have any idea the weight limit on these shelves would be? She has a lot of books...


Hi Jo,

Im not sure what the weight limit would be, but it would depend largely on the hardware you use to anchor it to the wall. If you were able to put some strong bolts into the studs behind your wall it might hold a lot. We used something called Hercules Hooks in the drywall and they held quite a lot of books. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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